Frequently asked Questions:

Question: How do the One to One Workshops work?

Many ladies find it difficult to fit the workshops around their family life or work! or maybe they are dyslexic or have medical problems, some its because of Religious reasons. There can be many reasons why people may want a private one to one session.

These workshops offer a chance of learning in a more relaxed setting, either in your home or at the school of Antenatal Educators. A One to One workshop offers a more condensed learning experience. Covering subjects and learning techniques that suit you personally. Guidance is there for you throughout the course on a personal basis.

A correspondence course is also required, but once again I am there to help and support to help you get the most from your learning experience.

Interactive Skype sessions offer students support and guidance throughout their studies.

Question: Do you offer support after the training?

Once you have qualified you will be encouraged you to keep in contact us, we are here to help you with any questions you have. We offer an assortment of CPD training days throughout the year and hold an annual convention, details and prices of our 2012 convention are coming soon.

Question: Are there any ties to The School of Antenatal Educators?

Once qualified you are free to teach your own way in your own business there are no annual fees or ties to bumps2babies at all. We encourage your own style of teaching.

If you wish to have continued support while setting up your business we are here via skype, facetime support or email, until you feel confident to practice on your own.

How does the Correspondence Course differ from the Workshop? 

The correspondence course is a self learning program.  You will be equipped with Training Manuals, Power point Training 

presentations and guidance from your tutor to fully equip you with the confidence to set up and teach your own classes. (If you are disciplined, focused and passionate about self learning,  pregnancy and birth - this could be the course for you!)

The face to face Workshop is set over 6 weeks (usually of an evening - But may differ depending on the needs of the students) it is a hands one approach to teaching via zoom - plus assignments.  An easier more structured way to learning. 

The one to one workshop - is solely catered for your own personal requirements.  The course structure is the same as the workshop but tailored to your learning style. The workshop is done via Zoom. 

Question: Do you claim commission from any of our earnings?


Question: How many hours in total am I required to attend during the Workshops?

You are required to attend 50 hours of learning throughout the course - these include the assignments plus workshop attendance run at different hours/day at different locations so please email for further information on the Workshop in your area.