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Workshop In London
Congratulations to Suzanne Dovey
recommendation from a Qualified Student
Congratulations Aimee Pease on your Graduation


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At last our Doula Workshops are running in the North of the UK .... Soooo excited :D 

Workshop In London

Hi all, 

For all those who have inquired  about the Workshop/Course in London running on 27th & 28th August 2013 - there are limited places available - book now to avoid disappointment 
see: www.childbirth-education.co.uk   or email: bumps2babies@manx.net to reserve your place!

Closing date for applications is 1st August 2013

Congratulations to Suzanne Dovey

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Suzanne Dovey for Achieving a A* on her Certification as a Doula 

Well Done Suzanne, am sure many Mums will find your services extremely helpful in their pregnancy.

Contact: Suzanne Dovey
Qualifications: Birth Doula

Bumps2Babies reg: 

Contact: suzannedovey@gmail.com

recommendation from a Qualified Student

Wonderful feedback from a student :  

I can highly recommend this course and the tutor Dawn  I completed it and am.now working as an antenatal educator and I love it.....best thing I ever did.                                             Aimee x

Congratulations Aimee Pease on your Graduation

I would like to Congratulate Aimee Pease for passing the Bumps2Babies Course in Antenatal Education and Doula Training.

Aimee is based in Douglas on the Isle of Man 

If you are interested in Antenatal Classes, Pregnancy, Post Natal Depression, Breastfeeding Workshops held by Aimee please feel free to contact her on : aimless717@googlemail.com


Congratulations Lisa on your Graduation

I would like to Congratulate Lisa Jane McKay for successfully completing the Bumps2Babies Antenatal Educator Course

Well done Lisa, we wish you all the best in your new and exciting Career as an Educator.

If you are looking for Antenatal Classes, Pregnancy Support Groups in or around Brisbane please feel free to get in touch with Lisa 

Lisa can be contacted via email: bumps2bubsbrisbane@gmail.com.

Antenatal Educator Teacher Training Workshop LONDON

TheBumps2BabiesSchool of Antenatal Educatorsare now taking applications for a Workshop/Course in London. 

Our workshops are small groups of 5/6 ladies - ensuring a more personal and comprehensive learning experience.  Limited places available!

Antenatal Educator Teacher Training Workshop 27th /28th August in LONDON    £600.00
Fedant.org (Federation of Antenatal Educators) accredited course.

The Antenatal Educator Course runs as a Correspondence so learning can be done from home!

March 2013

March 2013, I have had a huge response for the one to one Workshops!  people feeling they would prefer having a more in-depth tutoring.   

This is wonderful for me as thats one of the reasons I set up the Antenatal Education Course.  To give the personal touch!

There are many different ways to learn - e-learning becoming more and more popular, but sometimes we need the human approach!  

Antenatal Education is not just about the knowledge, its about how we show empathy, understanding parents and their feelings, learning to communicate effectively with both the professionals as well as the mums and dads!

New Graduate

I am happy to Announce a New Graduate from the Bumps2Babies International School of Educators

Course Accreditation

At last my course has been Accredited by FEDANT UK :D
Education Provider number  557707
Yeh!  am so proud :D
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