Offering a Diploma in 
Antenatal Educator Teacher Training
Your first step to a New and Rewarding Career

Hi my name is Dawn I am the founder of The School of Antenatal Educators, after having four children I found my passion for pregnancy and birth! After many jobs I found myself wanting my independence - needing to be at home with my children, thats' when I discovered the field of Antenatal Education. 

In 2003 Bumps2Babies (now The School of Antenatal Educators)  was born.   I soon progressed to Training Educators to fill a gap in the Education field.  

I have taught Midwives, Lawyers, Doctors, Mums and Dads to teach Antenatal, passing on the skills I have learned through the years!  I have enjoyed every second of my journey and truly find pleasure in teaching new students from around the world, watching them grow, watching their businesses grow from strength to strength! 

Training Antenatal Educators isn't work for me - its a passion

I offer training through:

* Workshops and Assignments
Zoom/Skype/face-time live sessions.
* Facebook support group for students 
* No annual Fees
* No ties to The School of Antenatal Educators
* No binding contracts
* We offer  FEDANT  UK accredited Diploma in Antenatal Education
*Workshop (via Zoom) plus assignments
*Or just Correspondence!  

Chose what works for you! 

Qualifying you to Teach Antenatal Classes, privately as your own business or 
within a Medical environment.

We offer equal opportunities - Training for both Men and Women

We don't insist on our way of teaching - we encourage independence both in teaching and in business.

All our workshops are designed to bring out your own teaching style.  Being different is good. 

If you are interested feel free to contact me, I'm happy to chat or fill out the application form. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who has a passion for Pregnancy and Birth offering you a chance to work closely with pregnant ladies, young mums and dads, and teens guiding them through their pregnancies helping them gain knowledge and gain confidence in making well informed choices in their journey into parenthood. 
One to One Workshops are available upon request throughout the UK 

           email: schoolofantenatal@outlook.com
 The Course is  fully Accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Educators UK

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FEDANT Registered No: 12088
FEDANT UK Education Provider number  557707


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